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tv   9 News Now Tonight  CBS  October 21, 2009 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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snatching of personal electronic devices like cell phones in the hands of passengers, many of them distracted. >> the devices are available. they are expensive. criminals like them and people need to take precautions. >> reporter: this is bruce leshan in landover. shifting some of the wall street bailout money to main street. >> i think it is a great idea if my customers can go out to their local bank and borrow money at 2%. that means they are going to be spending money on carpet and that means that my company is going to be busier. >> reporter: the president was at a local company to announce the plan to boost the maximums for small business administration loans and pump low priced loans into small community-based banks. >> this administration is going to stand behind small businesses. you are our highest priority. >> reporter: with many economists projecting that unemployment will top 10% by the end of the year the obama administration is desperate to
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save or create jobs. but there is little political will for spending billions more on stimulus. and so programs like this are stimulus in everything but name. >> reporter: i'm scott broom following the h1n1 flu virus in maryland school where absenteeism is now on the up swing. jackson down with a suspected case of h1n1 flu since sunday. at jackson's school, as the moms say, it is going around. >> e-mails were sent out last week saying students were showing up with flu-like symptoms. please keep them at home. >> reporter: official h1n1 outbreaks are reported in 96 schools statewide with absence rates as high at 23% in one howard county school. but most schools are seeing much more moderate effects so far with absentee rates higher than normal but not extreme.
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>> you can go to our website 24 hours a day for more information on these stories at speaking of the flu, montgomery health officials having a pretty tough time meeting the demand for the h1n1 vaccine. thousands showed up for a clinic in rockville today and some had to leave without getting what they came for. here is audrey barnes. >> don't let anybody else come past here, okay? we need to make sure we've got enough so we are not falsely giving people hope. >> reporter: this clinic was all about not giving false hope. >> i was here at 8:00 a.m. i was too late for the injectable. >> reporter: 250 doses of injectable h1n1 vaccine ran out within 90 minutes. so health officials put out the call for more nasal mists. >> we are bringing in 2000 more doses so we can accommodate the line that went for probably four blocks back. >> reporter: health officials tried to keep the crowd informed about the supply but some parents who pulled kids out of school were anxious.
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>> kind of do a head count. take, give information that people are really desperate to know. >> reporter: health officials pulled the plug at noon at this clinic. >> you're the last person. congratulations. >> reporter: with supply in such demand, health officials suggest you check with your doctor or one of 400 private providers that are getting vaccine as well. >> reporter: people didn't make it inside the door until after 2:00 p.m. those that stuck is out say the piece of mind was worth the wait. >> it was kind of a congratulatory gathering downstairs after everyone got the vaccine. we were pleased to have waited this long and actually achieved our goal. >> reporter: audrey barnes, 9news now and >> montgomery county is scheduling more clinics. federal officials say help is on the way for those that end up seriously ill or
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hospitalized with h1n1. approval of a new intravenous drug could be coming in the next few days. that's making people are asthma happy. they are more susceptible. >> fluid and mucous build up in the lungs and they will have more difficulty breathing. >> reporter: the cdc recently looked at 1400 adults hospitalized with swine flu. 26% had asthma. tamiflu can help. doctors say people with asthma ought to seek treatment right away if they come down with any flu-like symptoms such as fever or muscle pain. >> to learn more about the fight against the h1n1 virus head to our website there we have a special section all about the flu. and you can get to it by clicking on our living well page. the heavy metal group metallica is trying to help in the search for a missing
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virginia tech student. the girl disappeared saturday night while attending the band's conference at the university of virginia. the band is calling on fans who may have shot video from the show to possibly examine it. police held a news conference about it at noon. >> i will confirm that early in the investigation morgan's purse and cell phone were located not by the police but by a passerby who then turned it into the police. >> that purse and phone were found sunday morning after the concert. dc police responding to domestic -- to a domestic violence call shot and killed a man today. police say a man came out of a room pointing a gun and the two responding officers had to open fire. 19-year-old james miller was pronounced dead at the hospital. the officers are now on routine administrative leave. this would be the 14th police shooting in the district so far
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this year. more gunfire in dc. this time police trying to find the person who shot a teenager at close range right outside a grocery store. this happened last night in the parking lot of a safeway on georgia avenue. the victim 16 years old. still in grave condition tonight. police say the shooting was caught on surveillance cameras and they are working to enhance the video in opens of identifying the shooter. economic news. labor department stats show the unemployment rate in the district shot up to 11.4% in september and that is roughly 10,000 jobs lost in dc last month. the highest number for any city in the country relative to population. and in maryland the jobless rate is 7.2%. in virginia 6.7%. those numbers mean a lot of folks are looking for jobs. who is hiring? wall street journal reports. at the top of the list this week mcdonald's. number 2 at&t.
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third spot is filled by sears. k mart number 4. retail hiring is beginning to kick into high gear in preparation for the holiday season. what do you think? they keep telling us the economy is recovering. is it trickling down to your pocket? e-mail us. folks who run a farmer's market in bethesda say the market's days may be numbered. they say the county is threatening to shut them down. we are talking about the twin springs market. it operates every wednesday in the parking lot of the concord st. andrew's united methodist methodist church on rivers road. the county cited the market for illegally operating in a residential zone. caught in the crossfire is the vendors. >> very disappointed. this has been a -- we have got a very loyal customer base at this market. like i say we have been at this location somewhere around 18
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years so we would be very disappointed to lose this. >> so would the church. it says it receives 12% of its annual budget from that market and would certainly hate to lose that. topper, wonderful, wonderful day outside. please tell me it will continue. >> i can probably tell you that and i think i can say that with confidence. maybe not quite as nice tomorrow today but that would be hard pressed to have two tens in a row. for tonight, clear skies and milder tonight. low temperatures in the mid to upper 40s in the burbs. mid-50s downtown. winds southwesterly at 10. after a high of 75 temps are falling but not super fast. 62 at national. 64 up in frederick. already down to 57 in manassas. still in the 60s in culpeper and fredericksburg. satellite picture, radar combined. few clouds off to the west pushing in tonight. for the most part we will end up with clear to partly cloudy skies. we will come back and talk about clouds beyond that and what that means for friday and for the weekend.
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derek? >> thank you, topper. does good weather mean good traffic? let's ask. >> it is easing in many plays. 66 webb still delays. drivers reporting to us going still way below speed in that area. eastbound an earlier accident at the beltway, that has cleared so all lanes moving much better on the eastbound side. switch over to 270 northbound right now. still pretty heavy as they go past falls road up to 370 at father hurley. finally some construction updates if you're traveling late tonight into early tomorrow morning, i-495. three left lanes blocked at little river turnpike due to construction. southbound gallows road three left lanes blocked there as well. so something to take note of, derek, as you head off tonight. >> thank you. one of the most visited memorials in washington getting a bit of a face lift tonight. we will tell you about it.
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a little earlier on take a road trip to romance. a town called the most romantic on the east coast turns out it is just up the street. we have the story when 9news now at 7:00 p.m. continues. 9news now is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealer.
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less than two weeks to go before the election in virginia. president obama is coming to the help of a candidate.
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president obama will make a couple of campaign appears with deeds. mr. obama is the first president to carry a candidate. bob mcdonald picked up the endorsement today of the washington times. the newspaper saying the republican is the best choice to guide virginia through troubled economic times and position the commonwealth for job growth. the washington post has endorsed deeds. things don't look quite down down at the vietnam veteran's memorial these days. things are blocked off. not what visitors expect. it is real just a sign of good things to come. veterans now see a dark naked flag pole. it is getting a much needed face lift. >> looks like it is a lot of hard work and i have had work done like that but the guy that was hired to do that, he said, james, do you think you will ever be a painter? i said no. he says i agree with you.
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>> this is where veterans and family members search to find the names of those that perished but these 26-year-old bronze stands have also become discolored with time. now they too will be getting their shine back. >> i think things are looking good. looks like they are on the improve. i haven't felt this important for a long time. >> this veteran's son died after serving in vietnam for four years. >> he spent 49 months in vietnam and had five purple hearts. >> the memorial has been here for 26 years and every day someone sees it for the first time creating a powerful bond. >> we are all friends. >> we have several of our family that are representing the army, navy and marine corps in our family. >> but the national park service is short on money. so the tab for this round of repairs is being picked up by
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the vietnam veteran's memorial fund. >> everything is looking beautiful. >> and to keep things looking beautifully the fund will need to raise another $100,000 to fix up the three servicemen statute that has also lost its luster. coming up. forget the chocolate and even the little blue pills. why some men say soup is now the key to a better sex life. topper will be back with that all important forecast. so keep it right here.
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security. and medicare makes it possible. but every year, congress must make a temporary fix to the medicare payment plan so seniors can keep their doctor and the care they depend on. we need a permanent solution --to protect medicare and ensure seniors get the security and stability they've earned. call your senators today. ask them to pass s.1776 to protect seniors' access to quality care. protect your i. d . fairfax county consumer affairs branch will hold a free seminar tomorrow to help consumers develop an action plan to protect their identities. for more details go to our website and click on living smart. maryland's capitol city among the prettiest towns in the whole country.
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forbes traveler magazine put annapolis in its brand-new top 20 list saying the city retains its historic charm without being hokey. also dubs it the most romantic town on the east coast. seeing all those pictures of nice weather reminded me of today actually because it was gorgeous out. >> it was. it was so nice today we forget about the rain we had over the weekend. >> it did recede. >> then saturday we long since forgotten the tuesday before that. tomorrow will be very nice. maybe not as perfect as today but certainly a nice day. if we didn't have today we would give it a 10. we will give it a 9. forecast. next three days, sunshine tomorrow. maybe a few clouds in the afternoon. breezy and warmer. mid to upper 70s. 67 on friday. some showers coming in late in the day and at night. not a washout and saturday again i want to emphasize it won't be like last saturday. it won't be a consistent cold
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rain. there will be showers. periods of rain. maybe even a thunderstorm but it won't be across the board all day. and good news is we are on the warm side of the storm. so we should be about 70 or 71. dog walk taking place at 10:30 p.m. potomac dog walk. tonight, clear skies and milder. low temperatures 46 to 57 downtown. winds out of the southwest at 10. that will help keep temperatures up a bit. lows tonight 48 in tye son. 46 in great falls. 50 at bethesda. 48 in silver spring. upper 40s for bowie. 47 or so for upper marlboro. temperatures right now are falling pretty quick. again, a very dry air mass. so when the sun goes down it will fall pretty quickly. 61 in gaithersburg. even out to the west, romney still 62 at this hour. all right. tomorrow morning mostly sunny and pleasant. 40s and 50s. rapid warmup. winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15. and increasing. by afternoon.
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partly cloudy. breezy and warmer. 74 to 78. some areas just south of us. fredericksburg could flirt with 80 tomorrow. winds out of the southwest at 10 to 15 helping up drive up some of the warmer wear. snow in the rockies in denver. a lot of rain showers and thunderstorms from texas into the -- plains states. the good news is the center of the low pressure. remember last weekend it was to our east and south. nor'easter. this we will be on the warm sector cutting down on the consistent rainfall. forecast for zones. all six zones on our website mid-70s front royal. 76 in middleburg. 76 in reston. manassas. downtown 76. upper 70s for beltsville. right now there is not a small
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craft advisory on the bay or tidal potomac. gorgeous. 67 on friday. some showers. shouldn't be that bad. i don't think we will see any high school games canceled like we did last friday evening. then rain and showers. maybe a thunderstorm on saturday but not all the time. dog walk. howard's homecoming saturday. partly cloudy on sunday. upper 60s. then bingo game. i mean, the redskins game. crisp for the game. showers on tuesday. back to the 70s on wednesday. let's get to our weird news file. something weirder than even the redskins. something called viagra soup. new york city, a restaurant in brooklyn serving up soup it says could have the same effects on your love life after the pill it is named after it. the soup got the name because of its ingredients. seafood and tequila. he said that gets folks in the
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mood for love. when i come home my wife better be ready said one customer. you may scoff but this stuff is so popular they only make it by special order. it costs $32 for a bowl. you could buy a lot of viagra for that. >> if it takes four hours to digest, call a doctor. >> we want to hear what you think. send your e-mails to mcginty's mail bag. the address 9news now will be right back.
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9news now at 11:00 p.m. heavy metal for your dog metal as in braces. that's right. braces. orthodontics to straighten your dog's teeth. doggy braces. only tonight at 11:00 p.m. in the mail bag tonight more pain and suffering via our favorite football team washington redskins. yesterday we ran a story featuring redskins hall of famer john riggins in way he basically crushed the current ownership dan snyder blaming him for all the team's
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troubles. that's not exactly a revelation but e.s. says he is with john riggins 100%. dan snyder may have always been a redskins fan unfortunately he does not display a grasp of the bigger issues of team ownership. he is very clear making money is his number 1 thing. the fans need to stop giving dan money for nothing and their kicks in the gut for free. bringing back jack kemp cook. if only, my friend. if only. but you've got some support from seneca who says he has been a fan for 62 years now. i fully agree with john riggins, the hall of famer who has earned his right to criticize dan snyder. my wife thinks dan should throw his millions of performers who earn their pay like chris cooley. i'm wearing my redskins ball cap backwards since they appear to be going backwards until they turn their game around. heads up on the thing about chris cooley. i agree.
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but i.n. in virginia says john riggins is right about dan snyder wrong about boycotting the games. staying home and not using those expensive season tickets we already bought won't touch his pocket book, only depressing the players more. what will hurt dan snyder's pocket book is stopping buying now. no food or drinks at the game. no shopping in the team stores and so on. make a statement. this is amazing to me in. all of my years watching and loving the skins i have never seen the town so angry at the team and owner. but i've got questions of dan snyder. does he even care what's happening? after all, it is his team, not ours. the mail bag is yours. bye-bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email:
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. entertainment tonight in high definition. hey, where is he at? >> he's in the air. >> balloon boy's father acting or in anguish? the just released 911 call. >> i'm outside the house with an alarming new claim. >> did the family live in this trash la office. >> and new fear for the children's safety. >> i think they are all in danger. >> piece by piece, mj is revealed until he drops out. new "this is it," the secrets revealed that the world never got to see. plus -- >> dancing's tribute to michael in front of his mother. did michael's children watch? >> the a-team


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